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The Book That Grew

A book with 10 tangible lessons and 10 pieces of practical advice designed to help maximize sustainability. These 10 steps enable farmers to achieve a 'perfect' 10 rotations of grass grazing per year, and produce 10 tons of grass per hectare, a truly powerful number that will massively improve the sustainability of even the most efficient farm. A book grown entirely from the very grass that Irish farmers nurture - with each page, each word, and each diagram shaped by real grass roots as they grew.

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Pop Star

Pop Star is based on the geometric shape of the icosahedron. Through the deconstruction of space and the reconstruction of form, the artist finally constructed this 'monster' with a huge volume that exceeds the human visual reading scale, like an alien object flying in from another dimension of time and space. Viewers could feel the association between the Pop Star and transcendental theory that Ralph Waldo Emerson said: The world globes itself in a drop of dew, while the artist enlarges a tiny compound eye into a behemoth.

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Milky Way

The Milky Way project was inspired by the galaxy in the sky. The warm white color tone reflects people's imagination. When night falls, the interlaced lines are illuminated. Full-color LED light tubes are adopted, with 7 shifting colors to produce rich visual effects and display the mystery and charm of the vast universe. The sculpture also spans 90 meters with a height of 40 meters, producing a giant volume. The structure symbolizes the mountain and water landscape of Wuhan.

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Wooden wall panels come alive and wander off around the interior space. Precise geometrical joints create a fluid continuous form out of numerous pieces of pressed bent wood. The entire element, made of only two different basic shapes attached together multiple times in several orientations, comes together to create an organic like natural fluid line. Suspended from the ceiling using 1 mm thin metal wires, the wooden surface floats as far as 10.5 meters away from the wall.

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The Glimmer

Tape that creates a large-scale artistic overlay by using fluorescent film and light-storing tape to outline the design. This creative medium absorbs sunlight during the day and emits light at night, transforming the train into a moving lantern. In response to the Taiwan Lantern Festival, they curated the world's first light rail train installation that emits light without electricity. It traveled on Kaohsiung's Love River Bay, like a glimmer flowing. In the car, the vision is also cut by tape lines, and the changing light is used to create an infinitely extending, diffuse image.

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Heart Maze

This is an art installation in an art workshop, a maze installation related to heart. It ostensibly looks like an exhibition for a charity jewelry event, with a contrasting black and red design that takes full advantage of the visual impact of mirrored surfaces and colored transparent acrylic. But in reality, it was a carefully curated proposal. It means that love is like walking in a maze, looking for something, you need to find the right person at the right time and find the right route (answer) to reach the final exit. And there is only one exit-lover.

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