Fruity Lemonade For Adults by Flaechenbrand

Flaechenbrand Illustrates The Die Limo Von Granini Fruity Lemonade For Adults

Flaechenbrand, the creator of the displayed work Fruity Lemonade for adults by Flaechenbrand spells out, The key difference is the simplicity and transparency cause of the adult target group. we decided to show the basics of a fruity lemonade in a modern/adult way: fruits and ice printed on a special transparency-label - unique in the lemonade-market. “Die Limo“ (i.e. the lemonade) is the first lemonade by Granini. And as we have named it „Die Limo“, it obviously could not look like an ordinary lemonade. .

Fruity Lemonade For Adults by Flaechenbrand Images:


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